The New Bloom event comes to Dota 2

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  Valve is kicking off the Lunar New Year with the New Bloom event, accessible to all Dota 2 players.

  The event includes the New Bloom rewards line. Players will be able to track their progress throughout the event, totalling the number of points earned by winning a normal, ranked, or turbo matches.

  Each day, an additional of 1,250 points will be rewarded to the player’s first won match. A normal or ranked match victory will grant 200 points, while turbo match victories will only grant 100 points given the fast-paced nature of the game mode.

  The game map has been revamped to incorporate the festivities of the Lunar New Year. Tower models were redesigned as dragons, while the gold coins in last hit effects are changed to Yunbao or Wealth Ingots.

  Players are given special consumables that provide cosmetic effects in-game. The consumables have the same mechanics as the recent Frostivus cosmetic effects.

  A Year of the Pig Balloon, Dancing Lion, Tree Decorations, and Firecrackers can be used in-game to spice up the plain old Dota 2 map. Players gain these consumables through the standard rewards line or by purchasing them from the Dota Plus Store at a cost of 750 shards.

  Dota Plus owners have additional rewards for progress made in the New Bloom event. ?At various points they will be awarded an additional Gift-a-Wheel or Reward Wheel spin.

  Notably, the New Bloom rewards include an extra Gift-a-Wheel Spin that can only be gifted to a Steam friend of more than 30 days. There are also three new chat wheel lines, each with a Lunar New Year theme.

  These rewards and consumables are available until March 1 for all players to use.


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